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Gifts Define is now Happy Made Co.

Hello there! I'm so delighted to have you here! 
I'm Irma, the dreamer, believer & maker of all things happy! 

This new name brings together two things I’ve wanted to share

with my audience from the beginning: the happiness I get

from creating and the happiness I’ve been able to inspire

to others with every design piece I created. 


My shop’s name might be changing, but my mission isn't.

I’m still working to create premium, personalized, and playful pieces

that are anything but mass-produced. So that you can exchange gifts

that have as much lasting meaning and value as the moments

you and your loved ones spend together! 

featured products

Celestial Sky Theme Baby Mobile

This mobile will turn your nursery into a place for you & baby to sleep beneath the stars, story-times under the sun, and a rainbow that’s as colorful as your games of Let’s Pretend!

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