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About Irma

artist & founder


What if you could wake up every day and completely fall in love with your work? What if you felt so passionate about something that it became a part of you -- an extension of who you are? I'm lucky to be able to say that my work is my passion. Happy Made is that extension of me and resonates with all of the creative passion I have for creating whimsical little treats that make people happy. I am so blessed to know that with every stitch of every treasure I create, I ultimately bring a smile to another's face.


Art has always come naturally for me as my Dad would spend his weekend to teach me the art of calligraphy and illustrations, while my Mother and Aunts would surround me with colorful fabrics, craft journals, and handmade dolls. Having an outlet for my creativity gave me a sense of enlightenment and joy at being able to imagine storybook happy little characters in my mind and make them tangible.

After moving to the United States in 2001 to attend graduate school, I quickly became homesick for my native Indonesia and the family and friends I had left behind. To find some comfort in my new surroundings, I resumed my hobby of creating wool felt dolls which became my, 'little friends away from home.' Not only did my hobby keep the homesickness at bay while I made new friends, but it also helped me hone my artistic skills and bring some more of my designs to life.


In 2006 I knew I was ready to take my hobby to the next level. Though I worked for corporate America, my heart really belonged to developing my creativity into a business. In that light, Happy Made Co. (a.k.a Gifts Define Inc.) was launched! Now, Happy Made Co. is a premier place to find premium gifts and party favors, decorative objects and so much more. The cornerstones of my business are the true uniqueness of every item matched by the superb quality and top-notch customer service. I'm always expanding Happy Made's product lines to add even more incredible products to make my customers smile and reflect how happy I am to be doing what I love, every day.




About Happy Made Co,


our handmade goodness ~ made in U.S.A.

What is Happy Made? If you mix equal parts of creativity and whimsy, add just a dash of magic, and perhaps a pinch of childhood delight, you would probably end up with one of Happy Made's unique creations. A Happy Made design is an entirely hand-stitched, handmade work of art that adds wonder to home decor and special occasions. It is also important to know what Happy Made is not. A Happy Made piece is never plasticky, never papery, never cheap or of poor quality. Happy Made products could never be made in a factory, nor would you ever find them in one of those ho-hum cookie-cutter big-box stores. That's just not who we are, and we never will be.


Happy Made pieces are artistically handmade by artisans who have turned their passion into their profession. Our real wool felt is OEKO-Tex 100 Certified, which means it is guaranteed to be free of harmful toxins. All of our handmade goodness is proudly handmade with love in the U.S.A.!

Imagine a tiny guardian angel keeping a just-lost tooth safely tucked away until that famous fairy can pay her out worldly visit. Picture a wedding cake topped, not with an expressionless plastic bride and groom, but a pair of warm felt Love Birds -- caught just in the moment before a sweet peck. Musical mobiles that enchant. Joyful pixie-sized animals, each holding a letter of your child's name, dancing across the wall. A collection of friendly fairy-tale creatures just waiting to spring from a sun-filled meadow and into your home. The wondrous nature of Happy Made pieces cannot be contained, nor fully described. You just have to hold one in your hand, watch it light up a room, listen to the squeals of delight it creates to fully understand what makes us different.



the charities we hold dear

Happy Made donates a portion of its profits to 'Suara Karya' (Voice of Art), an organization that Irma Niekum established in West Java province of her native Indonesia in 2007. The organization allocates these donations to low-income women seeking a better education and health care. 

We also support the 'International Humanity Foundation' (IHF). IHF is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping poor children in South East Asia & Africa.

For our continuous support for the animals, we support the PAWS organization (Performing Animal Welfare Society). PAWS is dedicated to the protection of performing animals, to provide sanctuary to abused or abandoned captive wildlife, enforce the best standards of care for all captive wildlife, and promote public education about captive wildlife issues.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Happy Made is a happy people company that enjoys creating heartfelt handmade goods. We believe, what makes a gift-giving event so special, is the time taken to reflect on what is extraordinary about the gift recipient. This ethos has shaped our mission to create whimsical, personalized, unique handmade goods that will convey love and appreciation to the intended gift-receiver.


At Happy Made Co., we strongly embrace our philosophy of Quality, Care, and Commitment. We offer you the highest quality products along with unsurpassed customer service. Happy Made, bringing joy to life!

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