With a moo moo here and a cluck cluck there, here comes an entire farm full of your child's favorite friends from the heartland! 

Gifts Define's Storybook Farm Barnyard Trail Name Banner features the excitement of adorable farm barnyard friends with the warn shining sun and buzzing little bees; gathered together to celebrate someone very special! Our collection of barnyard-themed decor makes sure that the little boys and girls in your family won't run out of wholesome country pals to play around with, whether the handcrafted cows, pigs, and chickens we've created are holding your child's name up as a birthday banner or peeking out playfully from every corner of their crib or playroom space.

Starting price $120 for a set of 3 name banner arrangement. See pull down menu for more info.
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Country Farm Parade | Personalized Name Banner

  • To order, please select the name, the animal design, and color preference (if any) for your custom name banner! 

    Listed price of $120 is for 3-letter banner arrangement

    ( or $40 per letter arrangement )

    If you need more than 3-letter name banner, the pricing are (or please click on the pull down menu) :

    4-letter: $160 ($40 x 4 letters)

    5-letter: $200 ($40 x 5 letters) and so on

    • Each plush element is created from hand-cut Öko-Tex Standard 100 wool felt, filled with hypo-allergenic polyester stuffing and entirely hand sewn with beaded and embroidered details.
    • Size is ranging from 2 by 3” to 3 by 4”. The banner is arranged from a minimum of 3 animals; suspended from sturdy leather cording and secured with coordinating grosgrain ribbon. 
    • Lovely daisy-shaped tiles carry the alphabets (3-1/2" in diameter); artist will determine the colors of your Bannerama pet characters; unless otherwise noted.  Custom color is complimentary.
    • Choice of animals/artwork:
      sun with a happy face or shy face
      pig - cow - chicken - donkey - horse - sheep - bunny