Sometimes, life sends you stormy weather instead of sunshine and sweetness, but being able to weather the gloom with these 'be brave' Cloud & Sun friends makes things seem a little easier. 

These Sun and Cloud Duo includes a cloudy friend who’s always ready to share a sympathetic frown when you're feeling down, and a supportive little sun peeking out to remind you that those bummed-out feelings won’t last forever—after all, you’ve got friends by your side to help you brighten up those not-so-sunny days! 


Your Be Brave Cloud and Sun comes with a complimentary 'BE HAPPY BE YOU" ENAMEL PIN 

Happy Cloud Sun | Be Brave Edition Plushie

  • When thinking about a logo to complete the new Happy Made Co. brand, Irma was thinking of a pair of elements that complement each other, create harmony, good feelings, with a little bit of whimsy and charm in them! A number of concepts came upon her and she was fascinated with the idea of ☁️+ ☀️! The big happy cloud to represent YOU, and the smiley sunshine to represent HER!

    Her Happy Made goal is to bring sunshine to your everyday through the creations she would share with you from her heart....whether in small or big make days a little brighter, to make smiles a little wider, to make hearts a little warmer, to make far away homes a little closer....