With this cuddly, caring little cloud and her brilliant, super-sunny best friend; we hope you’ll be able to enjoy an extra ray of sunshine to your days, to find an inspiring way to decorate your home-sweet-home and to give gifts that warm the hearts of every kid or kid-at-heart.

Inspired by their happy and shining personalities, these perfect Cloud & Sun Duo are made to brighten up your day! We added a secret pocket stitched on the back of each Cloud — just the right size for notes, news, and some milestone surprises of your very own. 

Comes with a complimentary CLOUD & SUN 'BE HAPPY BE YOU" ENAMEL PIN 

Happy Cloud Sun | Be Happy Edition Plushie

  • When thinking about a logo to complete the new Happy Made Co. brand, Irma was thinking of a pair of elements that complement each other, create harmony, good feelings, with a little bit of whimsy and charm in them! A number of concepts came upon her and she was fascinated with the idea of ☁️+ ☀️! The big happy cloud to represent YOU, and the smiley sunshine to represent HER!

    Her Happy Made goal is to bring sunshine to your everyday through the creations she would share with you from her heart....whether in small or big ways....to make days a little brighter, to make smiles a little wider, to make hearts a little warmer, to make far away homes a little closer....