Make these adorable Santa Fun Animals as your charming "Santa's Pets on the Shelf" this year! So many fun characters to choose and to share memorable holiday stories with! They make a charming holiday tree's ornament, a good luck charm, a memorable heirloom keepsake for young kids and big kids alike!


T’was our happiest wish for the holiday

That these handcrafted friends

Could visit you for a long Christmas stay!


Whether they’re snuggled up in your sparkling tree

Or merrily decking the halls,

These Critters bring joy to friends and family

And make sure you're all having a ball!


So now that you’ve met Santa’s Christmas Critters

Invite them home for some holiday cheer.

Some handcrafted charm beyond tinsel and glitter

Will keep holiday memories alive all year!



Prefer to get Santa's Christmas Pet in a set of 3 or 5 with a complimentary holiday suitcase?

Please visit HERE.

Santa Christmas Critters | Personalized Christmas Ornament

    As seen on image #1: raccoon, frog, bunny, mouse, turtle, giraffe, squirrel, monkey, tiger, elephant
    As seen on image #2: raccoon, skunk, frog, turtle, bear
    As seen on image #3: Santa fox
    As seen on image #4: monkey, mouse, chicken
    As seen on image #5: monkey, lion, tiger, baby whale
    As seen on image #6: (top) bunny, butterfly, hedgehog, lion (bottom) elephant, mouse, bunny, turtle
    As seen on image #7: polar bears


    If you want to add a name (beaded block letters as seen on sample image #5)  Please include the name during checkout


    Twine string loop (in candy cane color) comes standard for hanging purpose. Your option is to choose custom printed holiday ribbon, we have 8 selections (see image)
    Ribbon 1- Merry Christmas with love...
    Ribbon 2- Baby's First Christmas
    Ribbon 3- To A special Teacher - Thank you!
    Ribbon 4 - Season's Greetings, Happy Holiday!
    Ribbon 5 - best friend forever...
    Ribbon 6 - our love is forever...
    Ribbon 7 - Our First Christmas
    Ribbon 8 - Welcome to the World, Baby! 

    • Entirely handmade; hand-stitched with hours of fun imagination; material of soft real wool felt with OEKO-Tex 100 Standard Certified; premium poly fiberfill stuffing; non-allergenic.
    • Each felt miniature character sized at approximately 3.5"H 2.5"W or larger
    • For hanging display, we add twine string in candy cane colors.