There’s magic in the air wherever this storybook sprite spreads her wings! Inspired by the Nursery Magic Fairy in “The Velveteen Rabbit,” who watched over all the toys and helped that well-loved rabbit become Real, my Nursery Fairy mobile swathes your child’s space with a swirl of joyful toy animals trimmed out in sparkling silver and lively gold. In the middle of this enchanting scene stands the Fairy herself, ready to welcome your baby’s beloved plushies and dolls into her toy menagerie, shelter the things your little one cares about as they play and grow, and help the whole family remember that love is powerful enough to make our hopes and happy dreams become Real.


Bringing a sparkle of pretty silver and copper-gold to our decorative mobiles! This mobile edition comes with this customizable whirl of Nursery Fairy, birds and butterflies with gold and silver polkadotted wings, and shimmering wool felt animals at play around the shining, rhinestone-dotted frame.


(as seen in SILVER MOBILE 4 pets + 1 angel):

(as seen in COPPER GOLD MOBILE 5 pets):

Our deco mobile is for decorative purposes only; please adjust the mobile location out of children's reach!

The Nursery Fairy & Friendly Animals | Baby Mobile

    • MIX and MATCH any 5 (five) characters to build your custom mobile in your choice of color, silver or gold:
      Nursery Fairy Angel - Hedgehog - Frog - Elephant - Owl - Bird - Snail - Squirrel - Sheep - Butterfly


    • Design selections:
      Mobile with 1 Fairy and 4 Animals (as shown in gold mobile) $165
      Mobile with 5 Animals and NO Fairy (as shown in silver mobile) $145


    • Colors Selections for Wool Felt & Wood Frame:
      We feature our Artist Choice Color in white, silver or gold
      The silver and gold felt come in two textures, ones come with solid gold or solid silver and others come with polka dots gold or silver prints as shown.
    • Wood frame color is available in coordinating colors of silver or copper-gold; adorned with star-shaped rhinestones.
    • Material:
      Öko-Tex Standard 100 wool felt, hypo-allergenic polyester stuffing 
    • Size: 
      Charming friendly characters ranging in sizes, approx. 3 by 4" or larger. The angel is 5" wide 4.5" tall.  Suspended from a perfectly balanced wood hanger using natural cotton, ecru colored string. 
    • Overall installed size: 
      (from the mobile hook to the lowest star) measures approximately 15” high x 10” x 10”.  
    • Display options: 
      You may hang it from the crib or use a mobile clip attachment or from the ceiling
    • Musical options:
      1. Brahms Musical Box $10 --  Dimensions are 2-3/4" dia. x 4-1/2"L (70mm x 114mm). The hook Rotates while playing music. The music with Brahms' Lullaby tune plays for approximately 3 minutes. Color in white.

      2. 12-tune Baby Lullaby Musical Box -- $20 3.3 x 3.3 x 1.4 inches in white. Baby Music Mobile which can play 12 songs (note: only plays the beginning verse, not the entire song) Rotates/spins while the music plays. Click for details.