Introducing our adorable TOPI* BERET with a whimsical twist!

We add our signature adorable Pet Pals appliques on the beret.

We have our friendly elephant, pig and tiger to adorn our fun beret collection!

(*TOPI means hat or headpiece in Indonesian language)


Why Beret? We love Beret because of its old school classic style with a flair of the 'newsboys caps' and 
the long-standing stereotype of Berets to the intellectual, film director, artist, "hipster", poet, and bohemian! 

Topi Beret | Fun Wool Beret Headpiece

  • Our TOPI BERETS are topped with fun applique design of Gifts Define's adorable Pet Pals, Elephant - Pig - Tiger. The applique material is hand cut from soft Merino Wool Felt. Size 9 1/2 generally will fit children 3 years up to 12. The model in the photos is 6 years old


    The beret fits snugly around the head, and can be "shaped" in a variety of ways – commonly worn pushed to one side.  Comfy and stylish for both boys and girls!


    3 Adorable Fun Animals Design in 3 different colors to choose from: 
    TIGER (as seen on Black Beret)
    PIGGY (as seen on Baby Pink Beret)
    Elephant (as seen on Ecru White Beret)

    Do Not Wash using Washing Machine
    To clean, gently dab using damp cloth with soap water on dirt or spots
    Extra care when cleaning on the wool felt animal applique part of the beret

    *We do not accept returns on any wearable collection.