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Start the Tradition: Baby's First Keepsake

Some memories are too precious to be packed away in a box at the top of your closet.

That’s why Gifts Define has so many handcrafted ways to remember all the things in your life that can’t be mass-produced.

Whether it’s our ADORABLE FUN ANIMALS playing Santa at Christmas time....

VALENTINE BEAR waiting to give his heart to your little sweetheart.....

EASTER BUNNY who stays to help your little one find all the eggs you hid around your house....

THANKSGIVING SQUIRREL there to help you and your baby enjoy food, friends, and fall.....

or our flock of cheerful BIRD PARADE ready to welcome newborns home from the hospital,

watch over a baby’s christening, and sing “Happy Birthday” when it’s time to celebrate his or her first year on Earth.....

You’ll have a keepsake as sweet and adorable as the memories you’re creating with the newest members of your family.

To view the complete collection of our Baby's First, please visit our Gallery.

Baby's First Thanksgiving Keepsake
Baby's First Christmas Pet Santa
Baby's First Valentine Bear
Baby's First Easter Bunny

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