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Favorite Holiday Gifts that are Sure to Treasure...

There’s nothing like a handmade present to show the people in your life -- that they’re worth more thought and care -- than just a quick convenient visit to a big box store or discount website.

Instead of buying a bottle of wine for your host or hostess on your way to a Christmas party, you can bring a soft plush "Season's Greetings" Greeting Birds that swoops down from her printed ribbon to deliver some holiday sweetness to the guests.

Once you’re back home, instead of grabbing one of a thousand identical toys from a shelf to fill your child’s stocking, you can give your children a suitcase full of new, specially sewn pet friends ready to explore the world at their side......

........then dance the baby of your family to sleep with soothing melodies from one of our musical mobiles.

For your favorite lovebirds, whether they’re newly married or planning to make an new life together in the new year, there’s a pair of picturesque Love Birds to top a pile of holiday presents or a future wedding cake!

Gifts Define has so many handcrafted ways to remember all the things in your life that can’t be mass-produced. Explore our whimsical handmade goodness to make your holiday's gift giving merry and bright....

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