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Gift Calendar: Be My Valentine on February 14th

If you’re looking for a way to move beyond the usual store-bought candy, cut flowers, and candy hearts this Valentine’s Day, we’ve created some sweet, hand-stitched

"Happy Valentine's Bear" that can carry limitless amounts of love to your loved ones in their expertly crafted, hand-sewn paws.

Each one of our handcrafted Valentine bears that make their way from our artisans' workshops to your home has bright eyes, an adorable little smile that lights up the room, and a ribbon printed with a special message for your celebration....

whether you choose a bear to commemorate Baby's First Valentine or

greet your friends and family with a Happy Valentine Bear of their own.

With the soft blush on his smiling face and the soft, wool felt heart he's hugging close to his fuzzy chest, he's ready to welcome the youngest member of the family to their very first Valentine's Day, give your best buddy a token of your friendship, or show that special someone at your side that they have their own warm, cuddly place in your heart.

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