Mermaids & Under the Sea Decorative Theme for Your Home & Party

Whimsical and wondrous Maritime inspired, Mermaids and Under the Sea decorative ideas to adorn the nursery for the baby who's getting ready to join your family. Or, to decorate your upcoming wedding parties, birthday surprises and spontaneous nights full of laughter and friendship!

One idea we love (and the most popular one amongst our clients) is the mermaids-themed party that lets our sweet-faced mermaids (boys and girls) along with their underwater buddies serve treats to your guests, or a nautical theme that invites all the playful whales and mischievous fish in the ocean inside to dance and share jokes with all your friends.

Your child won’t need a submarine or scuba gear to explore the wonders of the sea when you can turn your child’s room into their very own ocean!

The budding marine biologists in your home will love the parade of playful fish and all their undersea friends swimming in peaceful circles above their baby crib....view our delightful design of Mermaid and Under the Sea Fish theme musical baby mobile here!

...or how about spelling out their name in cool, watery shades

that can be customized to fit their unique style with our customized wall-art name banner!

or for unique whimsical party decor presentation; display these Under the Sea Fish -- to top the frothy waves of icing on their future birthday cake!

Dive into all the oceanic options for your home and party decor in our Gifts Define store,

and start exploring all the ways you can make waves during this year’s holidays and celebrations.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions, ordering or assistance at

We're always available to help you and offer our creative products and ideas

for your home decor and party needs!

Stay tune for more exciting ideas of decor themes....

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