Gift Calendar: National Teacher Appreciation Day May 3rd

Give your child’s teacher the gratitude she deserves by sending along one of our flock of handmade friends to deliver an appreciative apple that lasts forever!

This clever "Thank You Teacher" Greeting Bird, handmade from warm, brightly colored wool and hypoallergenic fiberfill, comes with a little wool apple clasped in its smiling beak, along with a convenient ribbon for hanging at home or in a classroom window.

"Thank You Teacher" Bird makes a thoughtful and heartwarming gift

for those special teachers you know in your lives!

Available in 10 beautiful merry colors you can choose from,

click HERE to create that one of a kind gift for your teacher!

To make your teacher's gift extra special,

you can personalize it by adding his/her initial added on the red apple.

Although the National Teacher's Day is on May 3rd --

our teachers deserve our appreciation every single day,

so give something special to your teacher at anytime, any dates....

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