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Gift Calendar: Mother's Day Celebration May 8th

From the moment she knew you were about to join the family,

your mother worked to create a comfortable nest where you could grow up happy, healthy, and ready to take flight.

Return the favor by sending our friendly Mother's Day Greeting Bird

to show her the way to the day of rest, relaxation, and affectionate fun

that you've planned for her this year.

With the garland of stars she’s carrying in her precious little beak

and the printed matte gold ribbon "Happy Mother's Day! To A Special Mom"

that helps her hang from any handy hook, branch or shelf,

this handmade plush bird is ready to help you start celebrating all those years of bedtime stories, family jokes, and heartwarming hugs!

With the heartfelt care put into every stitch, this Mother's Day Greeting Bird is simply a gift that couldn’t be more perfect for the woman who put her heart and soul into every memorable moment you’ve spent together.

Available in 10 elegant colors to select from, please visit HERE to create one-of-a-kind Mother's Day gift keepsake for your Mother, or to any other extraordinary Mothers you know, as well as to celebrate someone's special First Mother's Day too....

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