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Sending Best Wishes with "Greeting Birds"

Now, Gifts Define is here to give you an exceptional alternative to greeting cards...

It's the Greeting Birds!

A noteworthy way for sending a pretty, non-disposable gifts along with good wishes to celebrate a holiday, a wedding, a graduation, baby birth, or any other memory in the making.

Happy Birthday Greeting Birds

Shown above: "Happy Birthday" Greeting Birds

Each one of these cheerful, customizable whimsical bird is thoughtfully handcrafted at our workshop from the finest wool felt, hypoallergenic stuffing and endless amount of creative imagination.

Pregnancy Keepsake Greeting Bird

Shown above: "My Pregnancy Keepsake" Greeting Birds

Our Greeting Birds are prepared to deliver the kind of heartfelt, timeless message that you and your loved ones can enjoy for years and pass on to future generations.

Mother's Day Greeting Birds

Shown above: "Mother's Day" Greeting Birds

Season's Greetings Greeting Bird

Shown above: ""Season's Greetings" Greeting Birds

Commemorate a special Christmas with a soft, squeezable sparrow bearing a candy cane, or decorate a newborn’s crib with one of the same pastel songbirds you used to announce her birth to the world....

Welcome Baby Greeting Birds

Shown above: ""Welcome Baby" Greeting Birds

....whatever you choose,

these charming birds are ready to help you build a cozy nest of memories

that won’t get taken out with the recyclables.

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