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For a Special Birthday...

Bring a touch of handmade joy to anyone’s birthday bash!

None of the warm, wonderful people in your life are artificial, wrapped in plastic, or just like everyone else in the world, so it’s only natural the birthdays you celebrate together shouldn’t be made of the same factory-printed party supplies that the local stores sell to everyone in town.

Gifts Define, Heart Made Unique Personalized Birthday Gifts and Decorations

Gifts Define simply knows how to create your birthday's

gift giving and decorating super unique, personalized and memorable!

Happy Birthday - Greeting Bird, Unique Personalized Birthday Gift

Whether you’re looking for a way to remember a baby’s first birthday, your son or daughter’s sweet sixteen, or a new year in your best friend’s life, this whimsical Greeting Bird makes the perfect guest at anyone’s party. The felted balloon that your Birthday Greeting Bird will carry can be monogrammed with an initial or numbered to make it a very personalized birthday gift!

Happy Birthday - Greeting Bird, Unique Personalized Birthday Gift

And for a show stopper decoration, how about adorning your kids’ big bash with the Birthday Tree Story. This plush branch is alive with hand-embroidered leaves, fresh felt blossoms, and a set of fluffy friends that can be customized to make sure your child has a crowd of the animals they love.

Happy Birthday Tree Story - Party Decor, Personalized Wall Art

Because you can change the numbers whenever you need to, you can use this lush, perfectly crafted piece of nature for multiple birthdays, giving you a keepsake that grows with your little girl or boy as they take on a year full of new friends, new adventures, and new milestones that you and your family will remember forever.

Personalized Bird Parade Party Favors and cake Topper

Our collection of customized, charming handmade party favors will supply your birthdays with endless excitement!

You can personalize them to complement your birthday party theme;

from chic woodland garden birthday party ...

Woodland, Owls and Birds Party Favors Cake Topper

to a mermaid voyage and under the sea birthday theme ...

Mermaid and Under The Sea Fish Party Favors Cake Topper

to a wild safari carnival birthday...

Safari Animals Party Favors Cake Topper

.... we create wonderful collection of heart-made party decor and cake topper! Between our imagination and your genius for planning, you can throw the most personal, memorable Birthday Parties on your block.

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