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Good Bye 2016 Hello 2017

As the end of 2016 is drawing near (in about 7 hours, here in Florida, where I am, it's just 5.20 p.m.) I'd love to write a -- short, or maybe more than short -- shout out to thank all of our Gifts Define's friends, associates and acquaintances - who have been loyal clients of ours, fans or followers of our creative works, or our new friends who have found our blog and website from various social medias.


I'm quite mindful that writing is not my forte, so to say things simply, I'm so grateful to all of you who have been supporting Gifts Define for all these years (since 2006 till now)...for always keeping your faith in us to bring amazing creations for celebrations in your life! I'm truly blessed to be doing what I am doing at Gifts Define ... to have the opportunity to utilize and contribute my talents & creativity to make our world a little brighter, a little happier, a little more meaningful for everybody -- young and old -- to smile about and thankful for!

For more than a decade, I've been creating, designing, styling, innovating variety of exciting keepsake, gift favors, toys, baby mobiles, decorative goods -- whether it's for a baby's first Christmas, a little girl's big birthday bash, a couple's wedding celebration, a birth of precious babies, corporate parties and many more special occasions, too long to list.....but what remarkable is, each time I deliver my creative work, it always feels so special, so magical, so rewarding! Never a dull moment. My heart, hands and creativity have given me so much blessing -- and I'm so honored to willingly share a piece of my heart with each creation I made for each one of you....


With every new year comes resolutions...

First, of course, improvements, everything I do, both personally and professionally. Yes I want to become a better mother to my feisty 5-year old boy. I want to always be there to be his rock, his guardian, his best friend. Obtaining a new level of patience, determination and discipline is the challenge I'm ready to take to be the best

(-not perfect) mom for him!

As for Gifts Define, improvements signify more creative, clever, and fulfilling handmade creations for our existing and new clients. Moreover, my goal is to come up with more DIY projects to encourage our creative community to be more enthusiastic about arts, more productive and insightful of their own artistic talents.

Second, the hardest to do, is to be able to maintain all of the outstanding works I've accomplished all these years! I am such a perfectionist and the worst critic of my own work and of my own self. So, truly the enemy lies in me. Now it's my choice whether I let worries, insecurities and anxieties kill my joy and ideas -- or I believe in my self and strive for excellence, continue learning, take calculated risks, don't over-think other people's perceptions of you or your work, and not to feel guilty to take a break!

These should go both into my personal and professional life. I can work myself so hard to the brink -- but without balance in life, there's no way I could be my best nor enjoy the fruits I harvest. And always remind myself to be humble and respectful to others -- I believe humility is a key to happiness.


Enough with the ramblings, friends...I'd excuse myself to be with my loved ones and to appreciate of all the blessings I've received throughout 2016. I'm ready to welcome the new year 2017 in good spirit and I hope you are too!

All of you, my friends, have yourselves a blessed New Year 2017 ...

May peace be with you....

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