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You're Our Valentine...

This Valentine's Day, give them the most precious gift of all: love.

For a Valentine's Day union between your two favorite Love Birds, slip a soft, sweet-faced keepsake bird in between their other presents, or decorate the special day with a pair of playful songbirds to create a work of love, joy,

and imagination worthy of the beautiful romance that's blossoming into marriage before your eyes.

Personalized Love Birds for Wedding, Party Favors, Cake Topper decor, birthday, wedding

To add an even more personal touch to your “I love you,” use your expert crafting skills to turn one of our DIY Love Birds Pair and Valentine’s Day Greeting Bird Kits into a cute, chirpy, and completely one-of-a-kind plush treasure for your Valentine to enjoy.

DIY Create your Own Valentine's Day Bird keepsake


To make sure that you, your friends, family, and that special someone in your life will always remember the hours that you spent together on this special day, we've rolled out a whole menagerie of affectionate mementos.

Valentine's Bear Family Keepsake for Mom, Baby, Dad

Just like all the best moments you've shared with the people in your life, the Valentine Bear (and the Baby’s First Valentine Bear) are sweet, fuzzy, and filled with wonderful little details that you’ll remember together throughout the years. Between their blushing cheeks, soft, stitched smiles, and the vivid wool felt heart that they’re holding in their arms, they're also more than ready to help you carry roses, chocolates, or just your sweetest Valentine wishes to anyone in your life who needs a little love.

Gifts Define Baby's First Valentine's Bear Keepsake


For our Valentine's promo, enjoy free shipping for any purchase of $25.00 or more in our shop -- from today till Valentine's Day February 14th.

Use promo code "BEMYVAL16" for FREE SHIPPING for order $25 or more,

promo is good through Feb 14th -- applies to U.S. addresses only.


So head over to our website and find that one of a kind gifts to define your love and thoughtfulness to all the Valentines in your life!

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