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Let's Hop to it...Easter is Coming!

Hop straight into springtime by inviting our line of Easter-ready bunnies to add some seasonal brightness to your home! Even after you’ve finished off the last jelly bean or chocolate egg, our Easter Bunny keepsakes will still be there to add a layer of childhood bliss and fluffy-tailed fun to your home.

(Scroll down: Find our March Promo at the end of this post)

Baby's First Easter or Happy Easter Memorable Keepsake

If your child can’t get enough of their fuzzy new friends,

we can also create a personalized wall-art Name Banner, "Bannerama",

featuring these adorable cheerful bunnies and of course, carrots....

Wall art Name Banner Adorable Bunnies Bannerama

...or musical mobile full of colorful bunnies twirling through a galaxy of plush stars, ready to dazzle your child’s eyes as they dance playfully over their crib, then help sing them into a peaceful night of sleep.

Shown below, Gifts Define's Wishing Upon the Stars luxe baby mobile...

Wishing Upon the Stars, bunnies theme luxe baby mobile

To go with the spring/Easter theme decor, besides adorable bunnies, we also love to include these playful sleepy happy sheep and the woodland animals, such as the Counting Sheep Luxe baby mobile.....

Counting Sheep luxe baby mobile, farm country and spring inspired nursery decor

......and the Storybook Forest luxe baby mobile.

Storybook  Forest, woodland, spring, forest theme nursery decor

For those of you who are welcoming precious little ones or simply redesigning your baby nursery decor this spring, these essentials (shown in the storyboard below) are what we thought to be Easter-rific for your whimsical cozy baby nest!

Storyboard by Gifts Define, bunny theme spring or easter inspired nursery decor

1. Bunny Quilt + Pillow Sham | 2. Baby's First Easter Keepsake | 3. Wishing Upon the Stars luxe baby mobile | 4. Stokke Baby Crib | 5. Bunny Personalized Retro Suitcase | 6. Bunny Wall Mirror | 7. Bunny Night Light |

8. Bunny Organic Crib/Bed Sheet Set





All your child's springtime friends are ready to bring rays of our custom-crafted sunshine into your home; all you need to do is decide which of our heartfelt creations you’d like to invite home.

Visit Gifts Define or email us at to get your spring decor and Easter festivities be memorable!

March Promo, spend $150 or more on baby mobiles or party favors or keepsake combine -- you will get a personalized bunny retro suitcase!!

(size 7.75"w x 5.75"d x 3"h, color vary while supplies last, NO color request,

simply inform us whether this suitcase is for a girl or a boy,

our artist will pick he perfect color for her or him)

Enter promo code: "BUNNYCASE" during checkout

to claim your Free Personalized Bunny Suitcase!


free personalized suitcase when spend $150 during March at

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