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Favorite Baby's First Tradition Yule Love!

It’s the season of giving, and is there any better present you can wrap up for yourself and your family than the memory of Yuletide celebrations with the newest member of the clan? Yes, there is! Gifts Define has heart-warming Baby's First Christmas gift selections for you to make his/her holiday cheer a lasting memory!

Gingerbread Friend Baby's First Christmas 2017 Holiday Keepsake

Choose between a Baby’s First "Gingerbread Friend" Keepsake who’s just as sweet as the new baby in your life.....


Santa Bird Baby's First Christmas 2017 Holiday Keepsake

...... the Baby's First Christmas "Santa Bird" that can deliver a nostalgic set of friendly Christmas wishes with every season you celebrate together,.....


Holiday Owl Baby's  First Christmas 2017 Keepsake

a Baby’s First "Christmas Owl" who welcomes you to the holiday season with

a wise, winsome wink,......


Holiday Tree Baby's First Christmas 2017 Keepsake

....... a Baby’s First "Holiday Tree" that stays fresh, green,

and decked out with personalized decorations year after year.

You’ll have the chance to customize each one with a banner of beads bearing your child’s name or nickname, Pick out a special charm that captures the season’s spirit, and tailor the color and other decorative details to create a unique memento that’s just right for your family.

Felt Gingerbread Friend Holiday Keepsake for Family, Baby, Friends and Teachers

Holiday Promo for our cherished Gifts Define's friends till Nov 30th

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