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New Year's Here...More to Celebrate!

It’s New Year, which means it’s time to start looking forward to a whole new season of holidays- and with Gifts Define at your side, preparing for the Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father's Day and even Teacher’s Appreciation Day is a breeze!

Here are some wonderful new handmade goodness we've created with love for you!

You can always start the festivities by adding our newly designed, cozy,

yet wintry Silver and Gold Baby Decorative Mobile to your nursery.

This enchanting design comes in creamy shades reminiscent of Nordic snowfall, polka-dotted and accessorized with your choice of moonlit silver or starry, sparkling gold, which makes it just right for a winter baby’s room or an eye-catching reminder of Baby’s first winter with the family.

Also, be sure to take a look at our adorable new line of TOPI wool berets for young kids age 3-12.

Each of these stylish little hats sports iconic stereotype of Berets to the intellectual, film director, artist, bohemian flair from the front -- but on the back, there’s a striking tiger, pig, or elephant ready to say hello to every person your child walks past!

For the upcoming Valentine's Day, of course, there’s the whole, growing trove of Gifts Define mementos to choose from, ranging from the new Storybook Pets Valentine's Keepsake Edition ...

....or pick up a DIY Valentine Kit and use your very own crafting expertise

to make sure there’s love in every stitch of your special Valentine’s Day gift.

.... Boxes of Heart to send your personalized Valentine's message in style...

-- to the themed party decorations you can customize for your upcoming bashes!

And with a whole new year of joyful memories to create sitting right in front of you,

there’s no better time to start stocking up on all the tidbits and treasures you’ll want to make 2018 a year to celebrate.

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