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Which Storybook Pets will be your lovable Valentine?

This Valentine’s Day, our menagerie of unforgettable Valentine's Storybook Pets are here to give you a happy Valentine’s Day! Each of these stylishly designed, timelessly cute pets is ready to create new traditions to share with your loved ones, little ones and best friends.

Ribbon loop for hanging is added to each pet with choice of prints:

"Happy Valentine's Day" or "Baby's First Valentine's Day"

Now here’s a Valentine’s idea with plenty of heart:

pairing our perfect Storybook Pet with "Box of Hearts" so that your Storybook Pet of choice can deliver even more of a Valentine's surprise!

Your complimentary Box of Hearts Gift Set includes:

A heart-shaped boxes, pink OR red. Inside box is brimming with colorful wool felt hearts.


2 mini writable hearts tucked inside each box, put your special message to personalize!


A2 folded-card (in kraft) is also included. Printed with a word "LOVE" on the front.


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